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A Fusion of Familiarity

Puzzle and platforming meet to create a brand new style of versus game!
Chase down colored hamsters as they run about the stage, catch them, then throw them at the board to make matches!

Swapping, a new level of interactivity

  • The swap ability introduces a level of interactivity never before seen in the versus puzzle genre!
  • By swapping, players can invade their opponents space to interfere with them directly!
  • Steal hamsters you need, throw unhelpful balls at their board, attack them to slow them down!

A Sprinkle of Stage Variety

  • Keep every round fresh by playing in a variety of stages!
  • Each stage has a unique platform layout and mechanics.
  • Icy platforms, floating bubbles, electric walls, and more!

Treasure Team

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Treasure Coast Games is a 5+ person indie dev team spread across 3 continents. We are excited to announce Hamster Scramble as our first official release! If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact us at:

Twitter: @treasurecoastg
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